A Distant and Clear View - A novel by Thomas Michael Barnes
This is a novel about a policeman struggling with the personal, professional, mental, spiritual and physical aspects of alcohol addiction.  The main character, Whit Fowler, is based on many policemen that I have met over the years.  Like almost everybody else living in Northern Virginia he was born and raised outside the Old Dominion State.  It seems like almost no one who lives here was originally from here. Its is just the way it rolls here in Nothern Virginia at the beginning of the 21st Century.
Since I live in the Washington D.C. area, it is very common to rub elbows with people who work in all levels of government in very important a stressful jobs.  One never knows to whom one is talking in this area of the country.  No one ever seems to be exactly who they seem to be.  You get so used to seeing generals and admirals and congressmen and women and judges and senior government officials in restaurants and shopping malls that you don't even flinch.  I once got a donut in a coffee shop at 0645 on a Saturday morning and found myself standing right behind Vice President Gore.  I said nothing.  It was early and the guy just wanted his coffee.  He smiled as he left the place.  I think he appreciated me leaving him alone.
Being in the public eye can hurt someone struggling with sobriety if they lose focus pertaining to their serenity and recapturing their wholeness.  Cops, and especially detectives would be such people in my judgement.
The novel is also about the necessity for an adult to be open to constant paradigm changes throughout their remaining lifetime in order to remain in touch with a sort of 'pulse' or 'heartbeat' that the Universe constantly emits. This is an awakening call to all of us to a sort of quiet and personal understanding that our life is a gift. It is a sort of internal awareness for us to discover that our worldview is made up of all the things that have happened to us and all the ideas we have come across up until right now.  That is to say, our worldview is constantly changing and will change for the better if we allow it.  If we allow ourselves to remain teachable throughout our entire lifetimes, miracles can occur.
I hope you enjoy this novel.  Please read it slowly. Enjoy it and then contact me when you are finished reading to tell me what you thought of it.  For that privilege, I would be very grateful.
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